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That’s right not all kitchen doors are the same and we are often asked what’s the difference. Below is our guide to some of the most popular door options we provide


Melamine faced chipboard, (MFC) is manufactured from resin coated particles of softwood. These particles are evenly spread over a flat plate bonded together under high pressure. 
Usually, 18mm which is finished with 0.4mm thick melamine and 1mm PVC laminate edging strips to match the melamine face
These doors are flat “slab” doors, very simple in appearance and very simple to produce. Available in many matt colours from simple white and greys to woodgrain and stone effects. This is inevitably what your carcass/cabinet will be made from, and where the option is given, can be produced to match.



A thin layer of plastic (vinyl) is wrapped and bonded to a MDF (medium density fibreboard) substrate.
Vinyl is one of the more widely used materials in the manufacture of kitchen doors.
They have excellent resistance to heat and impact and are non-porous, so they’re easy to clean
The versatility of this type of material means that it can be printed with a wood grain effect to create the look of a natural timber door. Single colour vinyls are particularly useful for replicating the look of a matt painted surface and high gloss finishes.
5-Piece vinyl wrapped doors are made of 5 induvial wrapped  pieces prior to assembling together like a traditional timber door
Colours and finishes are limited to our suppliers’ options.
A vast variety of door styles are available from Shaker, Handless-less and Integrated handle options.
See our important information for care and maintenance of these doors

PAINTED MDF DOORS (smooth finish) 

Moisture resistant MDF either as plain slabs or can be routered on our CNC machine to create integrated handles or single piece shaker looking doors.  These doors can then be finished in house with primer and a hard-wearing polyurethane sprayed finish to your very own colour choice.
We can provide a 5% matt finish up to a 97% high gloss finish
They don't tend to chip easily either and they are easily maintained and repaired
Water based touch up paint are provided with each order for any chips and can be re-sprayed in the future if required.

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Made of a combination of solid timbers usually ash or oak which are primed and painted in-house with primer and a hard-wearing polyurethane finish to your very own colour choice.
Alternatively, doors can be varnished or stained.
Painted wood doors are used more in traditional kitchens, the grain of the door shows through the paint to add character and a warm and inviting kitchen atmosphere.
We also offer an extra grain option where we wire brush the doors to open up the grain before spraying to highlight the feature.

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